Secure Web Backups and Publishing for Mac and Windows
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Secure Backups/Folder Synchronization with Encryption

Running a small business and need secure off-site backups for your intellectual property? Need security and easy access to your data at a low cost? Have Macs and PC's in your office and want to avoid the high cost of training on both? We can help you!

With AASync, there is no need for any special (read: expensive) server software! Make internet backups of your private data to *any* FTP/SFTP server, WITHOUT compromising your data security. Perfect for small business and people on the go!

Do all this at an extremely low cost!
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  • Identical Mac and Windows clients
  • Backup or publishing sync
  • Encrypted backups for total data security
  • Easy browsing of Encrypted backups
  • FTP/SFTP Off-site backups
  • Selective retrieval of files/folders
  • Powerful logging facility
  • Scheduled, unattended sync runs
  • Unicode support in filenames
  • Compatible with most FTP-SFTP servers
  •
OEM and branded versions are available!

Internet storage/backup sites, software integrators, we want to partner with you. Run your backups with a branded version of AASync and save the huge cost of software development and maintenance.

AASync is the only folder sync app that has all the advanced features and runs on both Mac and Windows!

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